Cleaning Chemicals Used

The products we use for our cleaning vary depending on the purpose. Below please find detailed information of the products we use for each purpose:

General Cleaners
All Purpose Cleaners2019-08-22T12:25:25+00:00

These products produce a range of low alkaline to neutral all purpose cleaners designed to remove a spectrum of soils from all hard surfaces. From a detergent approved for hospital usage, to the ultimate multipurpose floor and hard surface cleaner which sanitises and deodorises (is excellent in areas of hard water), all purpose cleaners are versatile and will assist you in keeping inventories to a minimum by being able to use the one product for an assortment of tasks.

Bathroom & Toilet Care2019-08-22T12:25:39+00:00

We use products for the safe cleaning and disinfecting of toilets, urinals, baths, showers, floors, basins, ceramic tiles and fittings, porcelain and enamel. Mildly acidic and citrus based formulations available, these cleaners will control germs and deodorise surfaces.

Chlorinated cleansers (crème and powder) are also available to clean porcelain and enamel surfaces, however, with soft polishing abrasives won’t scratch surfaces. They will remove water stains, soap scum and body fats.

Disinfectants & Anti-Bacterial Detergents2019-08-22T12:25:52+00:00

Anti-bacterial detergents and disinfectants which kill germs and disinfect. Available in a choice of three fragrances, they are ideally suited for use on washroom fittings, toilet and shower areas, locker rooms, pet accommodation and all hard surfaces.

Heavy Duty Cleaners2019-08-22T11:19:30+00:00

We choose from a range of heavy duty cleaners, each with their own way of attacking a range of cleaning situations. They can be used in floor cleaning situations as well as removing soils such as smoke stains, fungi, mould, mildew, organic fats, oil grease, soap scum, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete, stainless steel, porcelain, quarry tiles and stone floors. Some have been approved by the AQIS, with many able to be used in auto scrubbers.

Glass Cleaner2019-08-22T11:18:58+00:00

A high performance spray and wipe glass cleaner that removes grimy films and soilage without streaking. Suitable for use on glass, mirrors, chrome and highly polished surfaces.

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Floor Care
Restorers – For cleaning and polishing2019-08-22T12:50:34+00:00

Formulated to remove soilage from a range of floor surfaces, they will replace the sealer removed during the day to leave a high gloss film. Costs can be cut dramatically by not needing to recoat with sealer as often.


Used whilst buffing, the non-residual cleaner and sealer repairer will assist the sealer to re-level and repair damage from daily wear, marking and scuffing. Spraybuffing also facilitates soil removal without residues.

Unsealed and badly soiled floors2019-08-22T12:49:38+00:00

For heavily soiled floors, a range of solvent-based and alkaline detergents are available. Designed to attack and remove a spectrum of soils including mineral and cooking oils, carbon black, ink and vapour films, these detergent are extremely versatile and some may be used as a light duty sealer remover or degreaser. We have the answers for concrete and ceramic tiles.

Sealed and alkali-sensitive floors:2019-08-22T12:49:09+00:00

We use a range of low alkaline or neutral Floor and Hard Surface Cleaners which have been formulated to provide maximum performance within the parameters of neutral pH and safety on sensitive surfaces. Being effective on a wide range of soils, they may be used in auto scrubbers or fir general floor mopping. They also offer a choice of fragrances.


Detergents are vital to the maintenance of floor surfaces. The correct detergent will improve the longevity of the sealer and assist in the maintenance of floor shine. Our detergents are made to suit specific surface types.

Sealer Removal2019-08-22T12:45:55+00:00

When the time comes to strip a floor, sealer removers effectively cut through the oldest built up sealers. Superior technology means our sealers are more effective than other strippers on the market and will leave the floor clean and ready for resealing. Being non-toxic and low in odour, they are safer and more pleasant to use.


We use specifically designed sealers for all types of floor surfaces. Based on durability and designed to withstand all levels of traffic for commercial, industrial and retail use. The sealers we use are hardwearing, scuff and mark resistant, provide excellent gloss and are able to meet various buffing speeds

Fabric Upholstery Care2019-08-22T12:43:43+00:00

Soilage and marks will be dissolved from fabrics using gentle pre-spray cleaner, whilst the rinse will condition the fabric leaving it bright and soft to touch. A protector is also available to place a barrier around fibres, enabling easier cleaning of spills and leaving fabric brighter for longer. This can also be used on drapes, rugs and carpet.


Betta Services use all the necessary treatments to cater for problems associated with static electricity built up, odours, browning, excessive foam in your recovery tank and stains from watermarks. Add a dry foam shampoo, which lifts soil resins for vacuum pick up, to this list and we have all that is needed to assist you with enhancing carpets and in applying those finishing touches.

Pre-Spraying & HWE Formulations2019-08-22T12:38:49+00:00

A range of carpet detergents has been designed with the versatility to incorporate both pre-spraying and hot water extraction techniques. All provide excellent cleaning capabilities matched to your carpet type from woolen to nylon and polypropylene. Your carpets will be clean and left with a fresh lingering perfume.

Spotters & Stain Removers2019-08-22T12:34:13+00:00

A full range of effective spot and stain removers to remove every imaginable stain. With a blend of ingredients, Betta Services use products that will remove tea, coffee, beer, red wine, urine, cosmetics, food stuffs, oil, grease, paint, ink, stains from medical goods … the list goes on. We also have a freezing agent to solidify chewing gum.

Carpet Care2019-08-22T12:30:28+00:00

As professional carpet cleaners the choice has never been easier. From spotters, stain-removers, presprays and hot water extraction formulations, to a range of carpet treatments, Betta Services use all the products to revive your carpets.

Why Do We Use This Cleaning Product Range?

The cleaning system we use has been manufacturing cleaning products since 1968, growing steadily to now be established in all states across Australia.

The company has gained a reputation for working with cleaners ‘on the job’, and is committed to formulating and manufacturing cleaning chemicals that rival the best on the market at a realistic and affordable price. With knowledgeable, responsive customer service the product range we use undergoes constant research and testing ensuring they are on the cutting edge technology and are suited to the needs of today’s cleaners.

Insurance Cover

Betta Service takes no risks when it comes to the insurance of business, staff and customers.

Our Insurance includes Public Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Insurer: GIO

For further details with regard to our insurance cover including policy numbers and certificate of currency please contact Kimberly on 0414 845 371.

Betta Services Policy, Sub-contract Of Work

To maintain control over our contracts and assure client satisfaction we do not sub-contract our work to other cleaners. *

All employees required for each individual contract are employed by Betta Services and undergo training to maintain our cleaning standards and knowledge of chemicals and their use.

* Work is only ever sub-contracted out if we do not have the facilities and or equipment to perform the task. The sub-contractors that we would use would still have to meet the desired standards of Betta Services.


A number of factors are taken into account when pricing a contract. Some of these factors include frequency, inclusions, size, and hours to complete the task.

We charge per hour however a price can not be quoted until we have inspected the site and taken all aspects of the location into account.

All quotes are tailor made specific to each client needs and requirements.

Our pricing is very competitive but the quality of work is not sacrificed for the total cost.

OH&S Policies, Procedures

Betta Services acknowledges that the health & safety of our staff, contractors and visitors is of paramount importance. We recognise that a safe work environment is essential for personal and emotional well being. Our intent is to fully comply with the Work Cover legislation requirements for the cleaning industry.

Betta Services is a commercial cleaning business that operates in an environment of increasing legislative compliance requirements for occupational health and safety.

In New South Wales Occupational Health and Safety is regulated under two important pieces of legislation i.e. the NSW Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000 and the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2001.

Penalties for non compliance with this legislation can be very severe and can include the imposition of monetary fines, prison sentences and/or the imposition of penalty notices. The penalties vary in their severity and have in the past been imposed on both the employer and employees.

At the heart of the legislation is the fundamental requirement that the employer must take reasonable care of an employee and that “due diligence” should be exercised in carrying out this obligation.

Due diligence requires that an employer take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect the health, safety and welfare of all who work in, are contracted to and visit the employer.

In practice this requires every person who is involved in the management of a business understanding and complying with their legal obligations as set out in the legislation.

This means that individual managers can be held legally accountable for the design, development, implementation and monitoring of a properly functioning and documented health and safety management system that is commensurate with the level of occupational risks posed by the work that is under their control.

An important component of Betta Services health and safety management system is the provision of OHS policy, procedures and guidelines

In order to achieve this, Betta Services has set itself following objectives:

  • To review the job site conditions with Host Employer and assess the risks to health and safety associated with the nominated work and work environment;
  • To periodically re-assess Host Employer’s procedures with the aim of ensuring that Host Employer provides and maintains a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of the contractor;
  • To maintain documentary evidence and records relating to all issues of the contract and occupational health and safety;
  • Our business expects all employees to be pro active in the implementation of its OHS policy, procedures and guidelines so that unnecessary legal, financial and personal costs can be avoided.

It is the responsibility of all contractors to ensure that they are familiar with the emergency procedure at the client site. In particular the contractor should be aware of the exits and assembly points, wardens and any expectations placed upon them in the event of an emergency.

Betta Services acknowledges that no other business practice is more important than the safety of its people.

If you have any queries in relation to the OH&S Policies, Procedures for Betta Services, please be sure to contact Kimberly Narayan on 0414 845 371.



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